Emotional Regulation sessions using a Surrogate are employed when the client can’t speak for themselves.  Obviously horses and all non-humans fall into this category.

A surrogate session involves coordinated work between

  • a Emotional Regulation Professional (ERP) to conduct the session,
  • a Surrogate to connect with the horse empathically and share responses to the ERP on behalf of the horse, and
  • the horse-client, who has all the answers, if we simply allow ourselves to listen.

The Surrogate feels the client’s subtle body responses to the questions during the emotional regulation and relays that information verbally. As a result, this work may involve a light touch on the client, like touching the neck, shoulder or flank, if possible.

Generally, the horse’s guardian decides what emotional situation will be the subject of the regulation. But, even though they do not communicate verbally, it is critical to the process that the client want the help and they agree to do the work. They must, on some level, engage in the process for it to be effective. If they remain passive, no demand/no engagement, it won’t work. This is not something anyone but the client can decide.

Surrogate sessions must be done in person.  We travel to your barn or location for this work.

Because surrogate sessions are unique situations with multiple people involved,
PLEASE call us to discuss your horses’ needs, get pricing and schedule an appointment.