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Equine Emotional Regulation is for every equine being (horse, mule, pony, donkey, etc) that has an emotional, mental or physical problem that is reoccurring and currently unresolving.

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By using the Emotional Regulation with TiPi protocol, we can help any horse permanently release troubling emotions that affects their health and happy life in a non-beneficial way.  This includes:

  • Emotional Difficulties that result in fears (of anything), anxiety, stress or anger and traumas/PTSD, etc 
    These difficulties, usually triggered by situations or events are usually resolved permanently in one session.
  • Compulsive Behavior and Unhealthy Emotional patterns that show up as unwanted habits of all kinds, anger/rage, violence, aggression, control and resistance, jealousy, avoidance and escape, OCD, nervous ticks chewing, boredom, eating disorders, etc
    The first session will reduce the unhealthy behavior.  Each subsequent session will knock out another “emotional root” that will trigger with different circumstances, until all the roots are gone.
  • Chronic or Recurring Physical/Somatic Dysfunction most often has an emotional component. Unregulated emotions will eventually shift from a purely emotional form to physical disability and disease. The unresolved emotion depresses the immune and repair systems and keeps them from functioning properly. Examples are injuries and surgeries that don’t fully heal, lameness, back/joint pain and stiffness, ailments of the ears, eyes and sinus, breathing disorders, repeating and chronic sickness, any idiopathic disorder, vestibular disease, etc.
    Each session will bring some level of relief to the body. To be sure, lifting the depressing hand of emotion off the body’s repair system has an immediate effect — it can be amazing how fast the body responds! It just remains for the body to do it’s job with the tissue.

Sessions are tailored to address different circumstances. One emotion is addressed in each session. We don’t have to name the emotion–or much about the situation that triggered an emotional difficulty.

The steps during each session are very precise and the results are repeatable and upheld by thousands of sessions around the world. 

All work is done by asking the horse to recall a recent-ish situation where the emotion was triggered. Then the horse uses their body’s sensorial memory to regulate the emotion. With amazingly little direction, the horse seems to understand and willingly step into the process. It’s actually much quicker and easier that working with humans. See more about Surrogate Sessions

There is no triggering or reliving of the trauma or event. While some of the physical sensations experienced during the session may be unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable, the horse will remain feeling safe, clear minded, in the present, and in control.

PLEASE call us to discuss your horses’ needs, get pricing and schedule an appointment.

Return your horse to the content and willing partner in work, sport or play that you envisioned. 

Prey animals will hide injury and dysfunction for as long as possible so as not to appear weak and become a target to predation.  By the time we observe even the slightest limp or behavioral inconsistency, there has been a problem for a long time and its finally grown large or bad enough that it can no longer be suppressed. 

PLEASE call us to discuss your horses’ needs, get pricing and schedule an appointment.